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Salsa Jeans was established in the north of Portugal, where there is a unique talent, a special way of doing things. Sold in over 40 countries all over the world, we've celebrated many victories and we've made many dreams come true, because you trusted us to do so, you made us stronger.

We create jeans for all women and for all body types. If you’re looking for those jeans that fit like a glove, you’ve just found them. This is the confidence you can wear every day.
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Salsa Jeans

Who are we?

Salsa Jeans was born in 1994, in the north of Portugal, where the textile industry is the queen of all arts.

It is in its own atelier and laundry that the brand develops all its jeans, designed with the individuality of each one in mind, particularly women, which inspire us to challenge the limits of what has already been done. There is a pair of Salsa Jeans for every body type, for every personality and for every moment of their lives; there's a pair of Salsa Jeans that will turn every insecurity into everyday confidence.

Denim is crafted by the hands of those who know it like no one else, with conscience and responsibility for the entire production process, from the people who turn the idea into reality, to the impact that the product will have on an environmental level, throughout its life cycle.

At Salsa Jeans we breathe, we live, we love what we do and the purpose with which we do it: that the jeans we create stop being ours and become a symbol of someone’s strength.

Our Signature Coat Collection

Are You Looking For The Perfect Pair of Jeans? 

True Salsa Jeans Like a second skin, your go-to, everyday jeans.
Secret Salsa Jeans Shaping effect for the most elegant silhouette.
FAITH Salsa Jeans A defined waistline that elevates every body shape.
Destiny Salsa Jeans The perfect jeans to enhance your curves and highlight your figure.
DIVA Salsa Jeans Elevate your figure with an elegant corsage effect.

Salsa Jeans Canada Collection

Push Up-If you want to highlight your curves (especially at the back)

Loose — If comfort and convenience are your priority